Natural Vegetable Brush, Tampico Fiber Bristles, 4.5″

  • Sturdy beechwood construction with tampico and bassine fiber bristles
  • Tampico fiber bristles are durable and porous, absorb water better than plastic bristles
  • Featured water-resistant bassine fiber bristles offer a stiffer, more coarse texture for a more heavy-duty scrubbing
  • Perfect for cleaning a variety of vegetables, especially root vegetables; works well wet and dry to Avoid waterlogging


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Delicious root vegetables absorb an extensive amount of nutrients from the ground, but unfortunately take a lot of the ground with them. To prepare your Carrots, turnips and potatoes for eating, having our natural Vegetable brush at hand is a must. Constructed of durable Beechwood, it features two types of bristles. Its off-white, porous Tampico fiber bristles offer a softer texture, which is perfect for cleaning out dirt-filled crevices. For a more heavy-duty scrubbing, utilize the brush’s stiffer, dark brown bassine fiber bristles, which are water resistant. While the brush is ideal for root vegetables, it provides dependable use for a variety of veggies and works well wet or dry.

Weight .4 lbs


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