Who is Marie?

Marie was an Italian mother of four from Medford Massachusetts. She was a warm loving wife and mother; her family was very important to her. The love she showed for everyone was so warming. Marie’s children and grandchildren all thought they were her favorite, she made you feel that way.

Why am I telling you she was Italian…just imagine the Italian food she cooked…AMAZING! Marie’s kitchen was always buzzing, whether it was Marie cooking, baking or just everyone hanging out to enjoy her company and food. Marie feed everyone that came through the door.

To me, Marie was famous for her Holly Dolly bars. No one could make them like her. She would tell people it was her pan. She would say “my pan is broken in from a lot of use”. Marie always made sure she put some aside for me…just in case they were gone before I got there. 😊

Marie started the neatest Christmas tradition. She would give all her family members a kitchen gadget. These gadgets always seemed to be something very different or something you would never buy for yourself. I always wished I was one of the ladies in her family! I couldn’t wait to see what the gadget of the year was.

After many years of creating memories in her kitchen, Marie passed away in 2013. She is missed by many. Marie’s loving family makes sure she continues to be present in their lives. They continued the tradition of kitchen gadgets every Christmas. At family gatherings something of Marie is there, whether it’s a favorite recipe, a story, a memory or even wearing purple (Marie’s FAVORITE color).

Marie’s Gadgets has been created in memory of Marie. Families now have a place to go to purchase gadgets so they can start their traditions and create wonderful memories in their kitchen!